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We are a part of the larger New Community Project network and are deeply connected to the work at the urban educational center and living laboratory, Vine and Fig. You can often find us dancing and singing while working or enjoying a wonderful farm cooked lunch by the creek. All are welcome and we work to create a safe and respectful space for all people.


Muddy Creek Carbon Farm

The Jubilee Climate Farm was started in March of 2021 with the vision of collaborating in the global effort to restore the health and integrity of our planet for future generations and additionally to provide space for folks to join in farming alongside of us in our community garden space. We strive to create positive solutions for climate change, food justice, food sovereignty, land equity, and mutual empowerment.


Our Mission

To create a model for the transformation of agricultural systems to become key solutions to the climate crisis, while providing land access, empowerment, and education for recent immigrants, students, local farmers, and others who wish to collaborate.


We are grateful for the incredible generosity and community of the Diener Family who has worked with and alongside of us since the beginning of this dream and provided the land on which to make it possible. 

We also are very fortunate to be funded through the Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation.

The Jubilee Climate Farm falls under the broader organization called New Community Project.

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