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Small Farms Carbon Alliance

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Mission: Bring together small farmers and community organizers locally and around the world to share experiences, knowledge, and resources in order to develop best practices to increase carbon sequestration on their farms and in their communities.

The science is clear, we are out of time in this fight against climate change, but as we know with great challenges comes great opportunity. This present moment calls for radical community building and information sharing because at this point we do not have time to reinvent the wheel. It is critical that we join together and share both our successes and our not as successful attempts at regenerative carbon farming. Building community and alliances increases resilience, and using this framework at the local, regional, national, and global network reinforces that network. 


Additionally, locking carbon back into our soils needs to be done at a large scale. We need as many people committed to this mission as possible. When a collection of small farms join together in this commitment it has a big impact, bigger than any one small farm could have on their own even if they do everything they can possibly think of. Ultimately, we are stronger and capable of more than we could have imagined when we work together. 

Want to join the alliance? Reach out to us at

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