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Student Projects

At the Jubilee Climate Farm we LOVE students who are passionate about working in their community to create a model for the transformation of our agricultural systems. We invite those who are interested in environmentally focused social justice through science, nonprofit work, and indigenous wisdom!

Current Projects:

Riparian Buffer System

Jacob Bentley


I'm Jacob, a senior at Bridgewater College and one of the interns here at Jubilee! So far, my work at the farm has been centered on the research, design, and planting of the riparian buffer along Muddy Creek - mostly working on the design of the buffer and spacing the trees so that they have the best chance at surviving. We started planting last week and should be finishing up this Friday, so the next step is figuring out the most effective maintenance to make sure the saplings keep growing and the buffer zone becomes a productive part of the farm. I also work on other projects at Jubilee, primarily the silvopasture swales, and helped build the chicken coop!

I also work at a food pantry garden attached to Bridgewater College, and have been working on adapting some of the agricultural techniques we use at the farm - raised beds, polyculture, and intercropping - to the space we have available at BC!

Silvopasture Design & Research

Charlotte Terry

Hi, my name is Charlotte Terry and I am working on Silvopasture Design and Research. I have been working with the Jubilee Climate Farm team since the fall to design, research, and begin implementing the silvopasture system. I have worked on identifying tree species, designing a layout, and we are beginning to plant black locust trees. In the future, we will be planting fruit trees and integrating sheep into the system.


The Effect of Carbon Farming Practices on Plant Yield and Soil Health


Anna Sortore and Tyler Aston
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Coffman

"For our capstone, we are working with the Jubilee Climate Farm to study the effects of different cover crops and farming practices on the amount of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere. We will be planting and harvesting multiple plant varieties throughout the year, while making weekly observations and collecting data to be analyzed in the ISAT Environment and Waypoint Laboratories. With this data, we hope to find a relationship between carbon sequestered and crop yield, to potentially help provide the local community with healthy food sources, while also sequestering the maximum amount of carbon from the atmosphere."

Summer Internships

During the summer of 2021 we had seven students join us for various internships from their respective universities. The students helped with daily garden maintenance as well as heading up other projects like the foot bridge, chicken tractor installation, silvopasture research, many others! Additionally they engaged in weekly reading round tables, cooking lunches, and spent lots of time after work cooling off in local swimming holes!

Interested in an opportunity like this? Contact so we can discuss options to get involved!

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