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Community Gardens

As Jubilee Climate Farm works to address and engage in climate action within an agricultural context, we have also designated community garden plots for people facing barriers to accessing tenable land, specifically immigrant and refugee members of our Harrisonburg community.

Land Access

Land access, as defined and outlined by the National Young Farmers Association, ultimately “determines who has resources and the opportunity to succeed in agriculture”. Access to land, however, is the number one barrier preventing people from being able to attain higher food security, and is at the root of “racial equity, food sovereignty, economic prosperity, public health, and the climate crisis”. Increased land access directly correlates to increased food justice and food sovereignty, and is an important element in the goals of our project.


Though not without inherent issues, Jubilee Climate Farm Community Gardens works to contribute to efforts of dismantling the systemic inequality of land access by providing land, tools, materials, and any information needed for community members to grow their own food. 


The 2022 season is the first for our community garden project! The community garden area was established following regenerative agriculture principles including minimizing soil disturbance and maintaining coverage of the soil through mulching and cover cropping. Participants are asked to refrain from using any potentially harmful inputs into their garden beds such as chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

Additional Resources

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